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Readying Your Home for Retirement

While you are busy planning for retirement, have you considered if you home is retirement ready? Your home is the foundation to your retirement living and happiness. What needs to be considered here is how your home will be suit you as you age and venture into and through retirement.

With the scope of your home, how accessible is your bedroom? As you age your ankles and knees may have a difficult time regularly going up and downstairs. Relocating your bedroom to the first floor or moving into a single-story home may be something to consider.

Location, location, location. Having your home near places you frequent is helpful. A shorter drive or walk will save time and pain, especially with aging. Additionally, location plays an affect into the noise level. Quality of sleep, sadly, worsens with each passing year. If you live close to an airport or freeway you may struggle. A white noise machine may help. Relocation of your room may help, too.

What is your most frequently used room in the house? The kitchen, correct? The layout should be best situated to your needs and cooking style. Countertops and appliances should be suited to your height. Are cabinets and the shelves within reach? If not, consider moving items down to where you can reach them. Or if you are able, keep a stepstool in the kitchen to help access what you need.

​Making sure your home is accessible and designed to your wants and needs for retirement. Thinking ahead within your home will save you the stress of having to deal with it before it is too late.

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