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Pioneers of Risk-Based Retirement Planning

Retirement Risk Advisors acts as a beacon in the retirement planning industry and was founded by Dave Hall in 2019. Our organization is dedicated to mitigating retirement risks through a distinct approach rooted in personalization and client empowerment. By addressing key retirement aspects such as distribution strategies, handling long-term care events, managing market downturns, and making informed decisions regarding retirement income, social security, Medicare, and future tax rates, we stand as a pillar of support for retirees.

What is Risk-Based Retirement Planning?

​Risk-based retirement planning is an innovative strategy that integrates a clear understanding of a retiree’s risk tolerance with the management of potential financial pitfalls. It is a comprehensive approach to retirement that encompasses a host of services tailored to individual needs, including investments, insurance, tax planning, long-term care, and Medicare. Retirement Risk Advisors crafts personalized retirement plans designed to protect and optimize clients’ futures, considering variables such as inflation, market volatility, and healthcare needs.

Our Uniqueness in the Retirement Planning Landscape

At Retirement Risk Advisors, we diverge from the orthodox methodologies often pursued by conventional advisors. Unlike the ‘one-size-fits-all’ philosophy, our advisory services are akin to the construction of a custom home — meticulously crafted to suit the individual preferences and requirements of each client. We’ve transitioned our focus to serving a broader clientele with the goal of delivering highly personalized retirement risk planning. Through the implementation of cutting-edge tools like RISA, we precisely calibrate retirement plans, ensuring that every aspect of a client’s retirement is as uniquely tailored as their own fingerprint.

​Our commitment to personalization is complemented by our founders’ genuine desire to help others. This ethos of prioritizing client welfare over financial gain has been the cornerstone of lasting relationships with our clients. Our dedicated team works relentlessly to help clients take control of their retirement. We don’t just educate; we strive to inspire action, translating knowledge into tangible success. Our podcast, The Retirement Risk Show, various webinars, other retirement risk educational content, and Dave Hall’s persuasive book are testimonies to our dedication to making retirement a secure and rewarding phase of life for everyone we reach out to.

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Social Security & Cost of Living


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